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    大作家,进校园作文|大作家,进校园 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-10-16 19:10
    今天,著名作家张之路伯伯要到我们学校讲座。早上第一节课,张之路伯伯带着慈祥的微笑和几本他的作品走进了剡山小学。他的眼睛炯炯有神高中作文,嘴巴笑得比月亮还要弯,个子高高的,好帅哦!Today, Uncle Zhang Zhilu, a famous writer, is going to give a lecture in our school. In the first class in the morning, Uncle Zhang Zhilu walked into Shanshan primary school with a kind smile and some of his works. His eyes are bright and his mouth is more curved than the moon. He is tall and handsome!张之路伯伯先清了清嗓子小学生作文题目,然后用最温柔的声音告诉我们人要有三个想:梦想、幻想和思想。接着他又讲了一个故事,我们聚精会神地听着,听到精彩的地方,我们的耳朵竖得比兔子还长,讲到好的地方小学生作文题目,又不约而同地鼓起掌来。很快一个小时过去了,到了最宝贵的十分钟——提问题了,哥哥姐姐们一个个都争先恐后地提了问题。Uncle Zhang Zhilu cleared his throat first, and then told us with the gentlest voice that people should have three thoughts: dream, fantasy and thought. Then he told a story. We listened attentively and heard the wonderful place. Our ears were longer than the rabbit\s. when we talked about the good place, we clapped. Soon an hour passed, and the most precious ten minutes came - asking questions. Brothers and sisters rushed to ask questions one by one.最后我买了一本《猫牌学校》小学生作文题目,还让张伯伯签了名。我以后也要像张之路伯伯一样成为著名的作家。Finally, I bought a "cat school" and asked Uncle Zhang to sign it. I will become a famous writer like Uncle Zhang Zhi
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